Food Safety

Food safety Management System

Food Safety Management System

Ensuring the supply of safe products that meet customer requirements and applicable food safety regulations is essential for any company involved in the food chain. The food safety management system helps the food industry and any organization involved in the food chain to identify and control the hazards linked to food safety. EQMS Qualipro, is a practical and effective tool for the design, improvement of food safety system issues.

Benefits of EQMS Qualipro

  • 1 Centralization of instruction relating to activities relating to food safety
  • 2Systematic visibility and powerful assessment and analysis of hazards relating to food safety and actions
  • 3 Automatic and powerful formation of PRP reports
  • 4Automatic generation of HACCP plans
  • 5Automatic generation of PRPo reports
  • 6Improve handling of food safety incidents
  • 7 Quick and effective decision-making to incidents and potential non-compliant products
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