Non Conformance

Non Conformance Management

enterprise quality management software

To be efficient, the management of non-conformance products/services need good reactivity and rapid analysis. This EQMS Qualipro module, permits automatic management of product/service non-conformities from detection until closeout.

Benefits of EQMS Qualipro

  • 1 Communicate non-conformities to those concerning personal in real time
  • 2 Improve the responsiveness of handling non-conformities
  • 3 Keep records of products / services nonconformities, their nature and management
  • 4 Facilitate access to records of non-conformance products and real-time follow ups.
  • 5Analyze products / services non-conformities in optimal time
  • 6 Make quick decisions
  • 7 Minimize non-conformities by controlling the origin of failures
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