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EQMS Qualipro is a configurable and modular software allowing to adapt to all types of activity sectors. It is offered in Cloud mode and On Premise mode. Qualipro is installed with a large number of clients from different sectors of activity, in several countries, both in the public and in the private sector. The installation of our first customer dates from 2003.
EQMS Qualipro is a complete solution for your quality management system.

Benefits of EQMS Qualipro

  • 1 Electronic documentation management (electronic signatures, version management, systematic withdrawal of obsolete versions, etc.).
  • 2 Management of staff skills and training schedules.
  • 3 Change management.
  • 4 CAPA and deviations management.
  • 5 Real-time monitoring of the achievement and effectiveness of planned actions.
  • 6Audit management from planning to automatic generation of audit reports.
  • 7Management of measuring equipment, automatic generation and monitoring of the calibration schedule and qualification of equipment.
  • 8Management of suppliers, supplier complaints and supplier assessments.
  • 9Monitoring of performance indicators in real time, automatic generation of dashboards.
  • 10Customer feedback management through the processing of complaints and satisfaction.
  • 11Management of non-compliant products at different stages of detection.
  • 12Management of meetings as well as the automatic generation of meeting minutes
  • 13Risk management.
  • 14Management of interested parties.
  • 15Continuous Improvement Initiatives.
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