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documentation control software

The challenges companies are faced are documents and data often scattered in many applications, servers, files and computers that can lead to risks of losing the documents, use of obsolete versions which will consume a lot of time and effort in finding the right document of the correct version. The control and consolidation of documents are important for the smooth running of businesses. EQMS Qualipro, thus has an electronic document management module that makes it possible to manage, order and secure document flow in the organization. The EQMS Qualipro documentation module, brings considerable gains to users by enabling them to adopt a common filing system, by rationalizing the search and sorting of documents, and above all by optimizing business processes.

Benefits of EQMS Qualipro

  • 1Able to track the status of documents that will reduce risk and operational cost, save time and make regulatory compliance less expensive
  • 2Involvement of users and collaborators in the continuous improvement of the documentary system.
  • 3Real-time availability of documentation.
  • 4Clear and total visibility of all the documents available and being validated.
  • 5Compatibility with all file formats
  • 6Version management, validation workflows and document life cycles.
  • 7 Simple, controlled and immediate sharing of information.
  • 8Elimination of the risk of circulation of outdated versions.
  • 9Better control of external origin documents
  • 10Backup and storage of all data in a secure manner.
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