Customer Complaint Management System

data management software

EQMS Qualipro module has customer complaints and customer satisfaction handling the process and is an efficient, simple and powerful tool to manage general information and individualized follow-up for each customer.
Real-time track of complaint processing, Analysis of customer complaints by type, by the customer and by processing time, follow-up of associated corrective customer. A Customer satisfaction survey can be prepared and executed from this module.

Benefits of EQMS Qualipro

  • 1 Improved responsiveness about the processing of customer complaints
  • 2 Communication of customer complaints to affected parties in real time
  • 3 Retaining and developing customer relationship
  • 4 Efficient usage of organizational resources to increase customer satisfaction
  • 5Identifying the origin of customer dissatisfaction and react accordingly
  • 6 Minimization of customer complaints by eliminating the causes
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