In the aeronautical industry, quality and reliability are extremely vital and in an environment where the mistakes of products or services can be fatal, the effective operation of a quality management system plays an essential role in helping reduce risks.
EQMS Qualipro also provides a reliable framework for organizations to provide products or services and improve performance in all areas of business.

Benefits of EQMS Qualipro

  • 1 Electronic documentation management (electronic signatures, version management, systematic withdrawal of obsolete versions, etc.).
  • 2Management of staff skills and training schedules.
  • 3 Change management.
  • 4 CAPA and deviations management.
  • 5 Real-time monitoring of the achievement and effectiveness of planned actions.
  • 6Audit management from planning to automatic generation of audit reports.
  • 7Management of measuring equipment, automatic generation and monitoring of the calibration schedule and qualification of equipment.
  • 8Management of suppliers, supplier complaints and supplier assessments.
  • 9Monitoring of performance indicators in real time, automatic generation of dashboards.
  • 10Customer feedback management through the processing of complaints and satisfaction.
  • 11Management of non-compliant products at different stages of detection.
  • 12Management of meetings as well as the automatic generation of meeting minutes
  • 13Risk management.
  • 14Management of interested parties.
  • 15Continuous Improvement Initiatives.
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